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FINN Diary Sunday 8th May 2011 – Living down the Bluebells!
May 8, 2011, 1:10 pm
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Have had a traumatic week, my street cred is in tatters, all because M&D took me to the bluebell woods with them on Monday. Let me explain, M took a photo of me wandering in the bluebells and then posted it to all my friends on Twitter. So all week my Twitter friends have been teasing me and calling me ‘Finn the Fairy’ and ‘Finn doing the mincey trit trot’, ‘I like fairies’ and so on, it’s humiliation of the acutest kind.

This is especially hard to stomach, as I’d been talking myself up rather from our holiday in France, where I did dogly (manly) stuff like squirrel terrorising (there’s a red one living in the garden there, now with permanent wide-eyed startled expression), tail-biting and rootling out lizards of every colour and size and fat pigeon chasing. I also carried out my guard dog duties brilliantly (even if I say so myself), repelling visitors (except the ones who came to visit me!) by leaping, lunging and licking and also barking hysterically at every tractor that went by. M&D put a stop to that though when I ran out of the gates to chase one and try and bite the tyres, M did her ‘she who must be obeyed’ voice so I scuttled back up the drive with a quizzical ‘you called Ma’am?’ type of expression on my face.

Anyway, back to the mincey trit trot through the bluebells nightmare, I have decided to take action so no more slurs can be made. I am adopting a new way of walking, the ‘strut swagger shake’ – will let you know how the training programme goes, am a bit worried tho’, as M&D think it looks hilarious so far.

Doing the Mincey trit trot through the bluebells…


FinnDiary – Of footballs and rescuing friends

Monday 21st July (I was 4 months old) – the day didn’t start too well, I was feeling a bit out of sorts and had a bit of an accident with my new football. It lasted all of 15 minutes before I succeeded in gouging a big hole in the inner tube, perhaps the firm that makes them should take me on to do quality control. Master said ‘I guess it is better than him trying to chew lumps out of us’ – as if I would!!

I tried to distract him by stuffing my whole head inside the football and running around the garden – it was dark inside the ball and I couldn’t see a thing and kept bumping into Mistress’s plant pots, so she stopped me doing it. Then I tried to eat some of the delicious black plastic inner tube in the ball but she stopped me doing that too – even held my jaw and extracted bits from my mouth! – no fun, so I tried my Greta Garbo trick with Master and pretended to ignore him for all of 10 minutes but he didn’t seem to notice so I soon got bored with that and came out of my cage to go and sit on his feet.

I didn’t feel very well today (nothing to do with eating footballs I’m sure) so Mistress wouldn’t give me any treats just in case they made me sick – I love my treats so have decided I’d better get well quickly.

One quite scary thing that happened was that Mistress had washed Roger (my toy dog) and Gimpy (my giraffe that I’d wee’d on before) and hung them over the back of the garden chairs to dry – well I didn’t know this of course and felt sorry for my poor friends hanging up there with their legs dangling so jumped up to get them. Now jumping up was OK but the chairs were stacked on top of each other so having got up there I wasn’t sure how to get back down, it was really high up and Mistress was in her office at the time and didn’t see me do it. Roger and Gimpy were no help whatsoever and just sat there with their bums in the air sunning themselves, and seemingly completely oblivious to my plight. Then I managed to knock one of the solar lights off the chair (it was only on the chair because I dug it up the day before and ran around the garden with it in my mouth, pretending it was a sword until Master took it away). Well, the light crashed onto the ground and Mistress heard and poked her head out of the office window to see what was going on. ‘Look innocent’ I thought, so I sat neatly on the chair looking as if I was just relaxing there like a good puppy and the solar light had magically sprung off the chair of its own accord – don’t think I fooled Mistress though, but she did come down and rescue me from the chair which was a relief.

So a quieter day today and not as exciting as some, but I wasn’t very well so perhaps a quiet day is what I needed. I even chose to go into my cage and lie down rather than being put in there which was a first!

Finn Diary – Of teeth, chewing, beheading & Gro Bags

1st August 2008 – Nearly 5 months old now and the BIG news of last Saturday was that I lost my first baby tooth!! I have to say that I was very brave and only pulled a confused little face and didn’t squeak at all even though there was blood! The thing is, I was playing Frisbee with Master and leapt like a speeding bullet into the air to make a magnificent catch, a bit like David James at his best. Anyway, I must have grabbed it a bit too hard because my mouth felt a weird (I didn’t realise it was the tooth wobbling furiously), well even Master looked a bit concerned (this is when I was looking confused) because there was blood on the Frisbee, but none of us realised what  was going on, even though Mistress also saw blood on Spangle’s neck.

Spangle is my new tiger soft toy with ropes and knots on his legs for me to chew, the thing is I prefer to chew his neck and even though I have only had him for a couple of weeks I managed to bite off his tail completely (cunningly, I did it in 3 pieces so that Master and Mistress wouldn’t notice it’s gradual disappearance) and then I gouged a hole in his bum and took out his plastic squeaker that looks like a digestive tubing tract (Master and Mistress were a bit anxious when they found it in my cage I can tell you!) and lots of soft white stuffing that I spat out all around my cage and the kitchen floor. I was going to tidy it up later, honest, but Mistress saw it first – she was not amused with me as she felt she should clear it up immediately, just in case I took it into my head to swallow some of it – really, I know I’m only a puppy but I can definitely tell the difference between eating white fluff and a tasty puppy treat, no contest! I must admit that Spangle looked a bit odd with a saggy hollow bum but I still love him.

The thing is Mistress confiscated him and said she will have to sew him up before I can have him back, don’t know why she is bothering because it won’t take me two shakes to nibble my way back inside Spangle newly sewn up or not!

Mistress does what she calls ‘dead-heading’ flowers, so I am actually saving her the effort of waiting until they are dead to behead them, I really am a helpful sort of chap. This week I managed to behead some fuschias, delphinium, roses and clematis – and left the debris on the patio and the grass, I thought they looked pretty lying there but M&M had another opinion and said they would prefer them still attached to their stems – huh, there is no pleasing some people.

I have also found a super place under the sage bush to bury my chews, it is such a big bush I can disappear under it completely to dig. I think Mistress thought it was the Sage bush fairy as she could see the bush shaking and moving but couldn’t see me – what fun! Oh, something else on the flowers, fruit and vegetable front – lovely Karen had given Mistress a butternut squash plant which she finally got around to planting in a grow bag on Monday. Well, I thought I’d make friends with the little plant and went over to give it a nudge but it just sat there looking at me, so I took a teensie weensie nibble out of one of the leaves, mmmmnnn delish, so I nibbled another – then Mistress spotted me and yelled really loudly ‘FINN NO!!!!!’ Okey doke I thought, no need to shout, I’m not deaf you know and shambled off to look at something else in the garden. Later on though, when her back was turned I sidled back to the squash, just to sniff it you know, not eat it, then I thought I would investigate the gro bag instead so if Mistress poked her head out of her office window she wouldn’t shout at me again.

The grow bag proved to be great fun, with a plastic covering to the soil inside it which is packed in tightly. I decided it would be a great thing to sharpen my claws on so had a good scratch at it until the soil spilled out of one corner – oops I thought, better try and disguise what I’ve done, I know, I’ll spread it across the patio, no one will notice – how wrong I was! M&M have eagle eyes when it suits them and boy did I kop it for that! I tried to help Mistress clear up the patio but she used this broom thing that is a bit scary so I barked and barked at it and tried to bite the bristles so ended up back in my cage whilst Mistress finished clearing up. Personally, I felt that the layer of soil all over the patio, enhanced rather than detracted from the general appearance of it but my lovely humans think so differently to me!

FINN Diary Tuesday 25th January 2011 – The Whippet/Lurcher and the Great Dane
January 25, 2011, 5:08 pm
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I must tell you all about my exciting walk in the New Forest with M&M at the week-end, although it might have ended almost as soon as it began, all because of horse dung. I generally charge ahead to scope out the surroundings whilst M&M dawdle along behind, it’s so exciting to be out in the forest, all enticing smells, scents, sounds and sights to take in, anyway, I was drawn almost magnet-like to this pile of horse poop (shiny green, gloopy, freshly dropped and still steaming – yippee!) You will all, no doubt, still be having sleepless nights about Mistress’s heartless actions last week inflicting that bath on me……well, I was still smelling far too clean for my liking so this horse poop was manna from heaven as far as I was concerned and I was doing a brilliant shoulder roll into it when Mistress spotted me, eyes like a hawk she has! She gave me her v.v. loud and scary ‘She who must be obeyed’ voice and deciding discretion was the better part of valour, I thought that it was time to scuttle on (as fast as my 4 little legs could carry me). Shame really ‘cos I only managed a quick rub in the first class dung, rather than the all-over smearing I was hoping for (and I still got thoroughly washed off in the kitchen sink on our return home – life is NOT FAIR!!!)

Well, on we went through the tall pine trees with me trying to find those elusive, pesky squirrels to chase and catch, when all at once I sensed a presence behind me and as I turned this long-legged blonde whippet/lurcher cross leaped right over my head! She obviously fancied me because she then criss-crossed in front of me showing me all her best points i.e. her bum, well, she was young and impetuous so I didn’t disillusion her by letting her know she was wasting her time, (Bob the Vet had relieved me of the necessary accoutrements when I was 1!) It was a challenge though, and I am fast (even though my legs are half the length of hers!) so we then had brilliant fun, racing back and forth, bobbing and weaving, ducking and diving – I am agile too (and a big show off according to M&M which is a tad hurtful). Eventually her owner had to drag her away, reluctantly I thought, because she was a bit in love with me by then.

It brought to mind a similar incident in the same pine wood last year, when I spied what looked to be a young pony in the distance, and as border terriers are bred to follow horses, I hurtled recklessly towards it. Vaguely crossed my mind it was a really weird-looking pony but it was only at the last minute when I looked up, just before skidding into her shins (or thereabouts), that it was an absolutely enormous dog, so huge she nearly blocked out the light (teensy bit of exaggerating here)!! I was so shocked I just fell backwards in a heap and lay there looking up and up and up! She was a young Great Dane and luckily for me she was smitten with my manly good looks and charm too, slobbered all over me and we decided to play chase and explore – just as well I’m brave, fearless and tough though, ‘cos she was a bit clumsy and lollopy and fell on me a few times when we were rolling around together. What is it about me and tall, leggy birds – anyone would think I was Rod Stewart or something! No support from M&M (they were laughing with the Great Dane owner) – they never seem to grasp the potential severity of a situation – just as well I am there to guide them safely through life.

FINN Diary Tuesday 18th January 2011 – The Bath
January 20, 2011, 5:31 pm
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In a really BAD mood with Mistress today, shame really because it started so well. The weather had brightened up considerably and the sun was actually shining when Mistress took me out for my walk this morning. So, there I was, one happy dog, sitting on the doormat trying to look patient, and I didn’t think too much of the fact that Mistress muttered something to Master (who had just come back from his cycling session) about ‘Leave your bath water when you are finished, I know someone else who needs it.’ How on earth was I supposed to realise I was the ‘someone’!!!??? The walk was v.v. exciting because a bungalow was on fire in the village and there were loads of police, sirens, big red fire engines and blocked off roads and stuff going on – I barked my encouragement at the fire engines as Mistress dragged me past and quite frankly I’d have liked to stay and watch (and bark and stand on my hind legs a bit more) but Mistress said that was ‘ghoulish’ and just walked on.

Anyway, when we got home I began to smell a rat (bright as a button I am), because Mistress didn’t take my lead off, just wiped my feet then took me upstairs with her and into the bathroom.’ Uh oh’, I thought and dug my heels in, much good that did though, because the floor in the bathroom is smooth and although I paddled my paws energetically I couldn’t get a grip. Master (the traitor!) had put my towel in there too, so even though I did my dead weight trick before I knew it M&M had cornered me and I was unceremoniously dumped in the bath. Believe you me, I tried every trick in the book, piteous puppy dog eyes, sad little nose over the side of the bath, paw-prancing as if the water was scalding, my ‘why are you trying to drown me’ look, shivering and trying to put my front paws round Mistress’s neck, but to no avail, she can be SO mean sometimes. Before I knew it, I was covered in Tea Tree Oil Dog shampoo and lathered to the hilt (if you know what I mean – personally, I like having a smelly bum!) Mistress then started the shower snake on full throttle to clean off the suds, thought I was going to drown, I really did! I also had some interesting caked-in clinker in my little beard (this is nice because I can chew it if I get a bit peckish) but mean Mistress begged to differ and de-gunked that too! By the time she had finished with me though, the bath water was looking much more enticing as far as I was concerned, because it had turned a muddy brown colour and had all this hair and scummy stuff on the surface. I was then given another rinse off and plucked from the water before I could start to enjoy it. As usual, Mistress tried to towel dry me, whilst I was hell bent on rolling and scrabbling on the bathroom floor in a vain attempt to try and find some nice dirt to roll in – ho hum! When I finally escaped from the bathroom, I dashed downstairs to see Master and voice my disapproval in no uncertain terms (came off slightly hysterical and somewhat shrill even to me, so think I rather overdid the victim bit), but I did snuggle in to Master on the sofa and when Mistress finally re-appeared looking a bit hot and dishevelled, I stuck my nose in the air and turned my back on her for hours and hours. Well, she had been really horrid don’t you think?

Finn’s Diary – Of Walks and Dung
March 30, 2010, 9:10 pm
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Saturday 19th July – On Saturday, I went out for a walk with M&M and they took me to Dibden Inclosure – the first time I went there was with lovely Pat and lovely Karen (who spoil me) and Mistress, and I love it there, loads of other dogs to make friends with, horses, cars, people, trees, bushes to sniff, heather to eat, puddles to drink out of, lovely views to look at – it is one of my favourite places. Well, I was on the magic stretchy lead when we stopped to look at the view, and what Master and Mistress didn’t notice, but I did of course (being brilliant and observant and nosey), was a fresh pile of horse dung – it smelt delicious and was gleaming green and steaming enticingly in the sun, so I thought to myself ‘ something that smells that delicious must taste really fabulous’, so I sidled over and tried a bit (just a delicate nibble you understand), loved it and chomped down some more before Master and Mistress noticed – you should have seen their faces, it was like I’d done something REALLY naughty – anyway they said it was DISGUSTING and dragged me off – shame, because I was just starting to enjoy the feast of dung. On the way back to the car in disgrace I must have got a bit delirious because I started to hallucinate that there was dung everywhere – actually it was pine cones and they were a similar shape, but didn’t taste the same. I got really, really thirsty after these exertions and managed to get in a tangle with my lead and Master’s feet – his fault of course! Anyway, I was really tired when we got back and my tummy was a bit upset – I’m sure it wasn’t the delicious dung though! Might dream about that tonight – yum yum!

Finn’s Diary – Of Magic and Sofas
March 23, 2010, 10:00 am
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Friday 18th July – I forgot to explain about the magic room at our house, M&M call it the lounge and it is where they like to relax (relax ummmm – what’s THAT all about??!!),but it is magic to me because I’m not allowed in there very often, basically, I think it casts a spell over me when I do, because I just can’t behave myself! I do try, honestly, and sometimes I can even sit on the mat for about 5 minutes but after that it’s like a spell is cast over me and the next thing I know BOING! BOING! and I’ve jumped up on Master’s sofa which I know I’m not allowed to do – he puts me back on the floor but up I bounce again, it’s like I have no control over my actions. I even try and nip Master because I’m so excited and climb up the back of the sofa so I’m taller than him and bark in his ear (in mitigation I am trying to lick his ear at the same time too! I’m very good at multi-tasking – such a talent even if I say so myself!) Then he says (very sternly) ‘NO, YOU HORRID LITTLE GRUB!!!!’ and puts me back on the floor.

Now whilst all this is going on Mistress is sitting quietly on the other sofa (as far away as possible) – the blue leather one with the window behind it, where, if I jump up onto the back of the sofa I can look out and see all the exciting comings and goings in the village and bark at cats and cars and any dodgy looking individuals going by – I love doing this, but once when I tried it, I nearly fell through the gap between the back of the sofa and the window sill – that was scary so I squeaked, and Mistress had to rescue me otherwise I might have been lost for ever down the black hole or ended up in Australia where I might have been eaten by dingos – phew that was a narrow escape!  Anyway, after Master had been severe with me about his sofa, I thought, I know, I’ll try Mistress’s blue one, so I jumped straight up and she put me straight down – this goes on for about 5 minutes until I’m over-excited again and try and nip and bark at her. Now she is exasperated with me too, so she picks me up and I am taken back to my cage to cool off – ho hum, I don’t behave like that anywhere else in the house so it must be a spell I think. The sad thing is that I would love to be in there, sitting on the mat while they relax (or better still, cosying up to them on the sofa – this is my masterplan – but needs to be a very cunning one so don’t tell them will you?) – the whole pack together just like it should be – perhaps one day the spell will be lifted and I will be able to be in the magic room and behave myself.

See I made it!! See – I made it!